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4 steps that can boost your workplace performance


Chartered Psychologist and Director at Cognacity, Dr Rob Archer

In this episode, Agent3 CEO, Clive Armitage, is joined by Chartered Psychologist, Dr Rob Archer, to discuss the future of workplace psychology. Rob is a coach with 18 years’ board level experience in public and private sectors, as well as in coaching professional sports teams.  He specialises in career ‘stuckness,’ transition, wellbeing, meaning and performance in the workplace.  He set up The Career Psychologist in 2008 to help people transform their careers, and is also a Director at Cognacity a fast-growing performance consultancy.  

The Covid-19 pandemic heralded the dawn of home working which, for many, brought challenges in focus and in making the distinction between home and work life. This ‘always-on’ approach to working is known as ‘flatline’ working and symptoms include checking your work phone the moment you wake up, little movement throughout the day and difficulty focusing with less structure to the day.  To address this, Rob advises splitting your day into 4 clear phases to complement your body’s natural biological rhythms. 

Listen to find out how you can boost workplace performance!

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