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Agents of Change

Charting the course to customer-centric success: the synergy of Sales and Marketing alignment in Go-to-Market strategies


Clive Armitage, CEO and co-founder, Agent3 Group.

Richard Perez, Lead Advisor, Sales and GTM Practice, Apax Partners US.

According to a recent Deloitte Digital report, ‘being customer-centric - knowing when, where and how to shape and deliver customer experiences - is the new competitive edge in B2B.’  But still, so many B2B organizations struggle to get this right as commercial leaders are distracted with the more immediate metrics around target numbers, to which they are being held accountable.

In this episode of Agents of Change, Richard Perez, Lead Advisor, Sales & Go-to-Market, at APAX, one of the world’s leading private equity firms, discusses the challenge for Sales and Marketing teams in aligning - and prioritizing - this Utopian state of customer-centricity. If you don’t put the customer at the center of all you do, argues Richard,  then all the effort around the commercial metrics will be lost .

The answer, believes Richard, lies in tight sales and marketing alignment from the outset of every project, and orienting the entire GTM approach around the impact it will ultimately have for the customer. What difference can you help make for them?  When you have the answer to this question, you can then begin to build your marketing messaging and sales conversations around it, and ensure the customer is at the center of it all.

Listen, as Richard offers solutions to possible tension between Marketing teams who want to drive a long term, customer-centric partnership with customers, and Sales teams who are under pressure to get a deal signed quickly to hit a quarterly number.  Finally. Richard draws on his 25+ years of sales consulting - from startups to Fortune 1000 organizations - to suggest four areas that CMOs can really help drive revenue for the organization. . 

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