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Agents of Change

Back to the Future – returning the iconic Letts brand to an Innovation incubator


Philip Letts, Chair, LettsGroup

In this latest edition of our Agents of Change series, we’re excited to discuss all things Innovation with Philip Letts, the seventh generation leader of the iconic Letts brand.  Although world famous for its diaries and revision aids, few people know that today’s LettsGroup actually started life in 1796 as an ‘incubator for inventions’.  Fast forward over 225 years and Philip is driving the future direction of the business by returning it to its roots as an Innovation incubator, mirroring the approach of the original founder, John Letts.  Philip is a true Agent of Change and the story of how he is evolving the LettsGroup to succeed in the digital age is a truly fascinating, and inspirational, one.  

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