The scale challenge: combining breadth and depth

It’s the Holy Grail of ABM marketing. How do you scale the proven impact of 1:1 and 1:few programs? And combine it with the dynamic personalization of programatic 1:many initiatives? Yet without over-indexing on resources and focus per account

The answer: ABM at Scale


Now possible: improved pipeline quality with lower customer acquisition costs

Quicker conversions to closed revenue. Reduced customer acquisition costs. And larger average deal size.
That’s the real conversation, isn’t it? It also happens to be what ABM at Scale can deliver, by shifting how
organisations think about the dynamic between Marketing, BDR, and Sales teams. It’s a focus on increasing
opportunity intelligence, then leveraging this insight for more pertinent conversations between vendor and


Focus on the accounts that matter

ABM at Scale places focus where it counts, aligning resource and investment levels on accounts with increased buying signals


Digital targeting to ‘surround’ your Target Account List

Target dynamically personalized, multi-channel campaigns as a foundation to track interest and engagement signals across each account


Gain a richer understanding of accounts and key executives

Shortlist specific accounts for manual ABM support, then layer on more profound quantitative and qualitative research


Turnkey 1:1 activities - at the point-of-opportunity

Leverage engagement templates to mimic the sense of a truly custom 1:1 ABM pursuit


Your campaign leaderboard identifies ‘self-nominating’ accounts

Pinpoint the highest opportunity accounts and gain insights into their core interests - by tracking multiple 1st and 3rd party signals


For deeper audience understanding: ICP and TAL

Every sale has a sweet spot. We home in on it by analyzing past ‘won’, ‘lost’, and ‘abandoned’ deals. Working in sync with Product, Sales, and Solution teams, it all starts with the ideal customer profile (ICP)

That lends the ensuing campaign greater certitude - right from launch - with the  ICP acting as a reference point for reviewing and segmenting the target account list (TAL). Ideally, this combines firmographics, technographics, and propensity data signals

Campaign engagement: personalized, yet scalable

The core value proposition is a crucial ingredient. We get it right. Developed with cross-functional stakeholders, and building on existing positioning, our messaging matrix informs the creative identity throughout the program

All touchpoints are potentially in play - online, offline, face-to-face and sales-led. Each channel is leveraged to target relevant stakeholders within the TAL in a personalized, scalable way


ABM at Scale in-action: Splunk ‘Cloud Attach’ program

ABM at Scale program, including account insights and account specific engagement assets, that drove $58M of pipeline, achieved a 116x ROI and won multiple awards


Targeting, automation, tracking, and optimization

To activate your campaign in the most informed way possible, we plot a practical path from ‘current state’ to ‘future state’ with a keen eye on data access and technology platforms. (Consider the depth of our RevTech partnerships here)

Our approach goes beyond merely connecting the dots between digital audience touchpoints. It also aligns on KPIs and reporting workflows for the program. While appealing to a span of Marketing, Sales, and Executive audiences with a fit-for-purpose fidelity of information

Longlist ‘1:many’ account targeting

Next up: Increased awareness. Engagement prompts. And opt-in contact acquisition. Digital outreach during this phase typically includes account-based advertising, paid social, email, telemarketing, and content syndication

Better yet, we can add layers of account-relevant creative personalization by housing assets on dynamically personalized content hubs. This has the added benefit of building a deeper understanding of the accounts as they engage with the program


Scalable ABM program to help Alation transform its GTM to outbound 

Data-driven, ‘Scalable ABM’ program which provided ‘air cover’ to over 2,000 accounts and achieved millions of $ closed in less than 5 months


Where it all comes together: the leaderboard

Account prioritization is a major differentiator for ABM at Scale, and a key to its success. We track engagement levels across campaign touchpoints in a centralized dashboard called the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard identifies which accounts merit a deeper level of focus

It achieves this based on a vast trove of valuable data and insights: Which accounts are engaging with which ads? Which messages resonate the most? Which accounts are dwelling on content and signing up for gated downloads? Which leads have we acquired through content syndication and gated digital channels?

Armed with this data, Sales leadership can align on which accounts to single out for dedicated pursuit

Closing the deal with 1:1-like outreach

In the second campaign phase, we’re ready to target prioritized accounts. BDRs and Sales teams are armed with a suite of opportunity-specific insights, assets, and enablement materials to elevate their interactions with prospective buying committees

It all drives to our ultimate goal: moving the accounts through qualification, discovery, and solution stages of a deal cycle. The sales team is well-equipped to turn that possibility into a likelihood - with resources to support them through specific 30/60/90-day windows