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Strategy + Planning

Develop a strategy that fits your market and your organization.

Successful ABM programs are born out of smart planning. Our experts will develop a clear ABM strategy, completely oriented around the particulars of your business and the outcomes you aim for. We’ll work closely with you to clarify the ownership between sales and marketing. And we’ll structure plans around the short, medium and long term.

Set up your ABM program for success

ABM Strategy Development

Start with the right strategy for your business

We work with our clients to develop evidence-based ABM strategies that result in bigger sales pipelines that are quicker to close. We work in complete partnership with you to develop programs that align to your business strategy, whether that means pilot or full-scale programs.

ABM Strategy Workshop

Bring your teams together to develop the best program

We help develop a clear and mutual understanding of the account and competitive environment. We’ll review stakeholders’ needs and pain points of target accounts, and then coordinate different workshops for sales and marketing teams, focusing on alignment, strategy, insight and messaging

Plan the channels and tactics to reach your goals

Channel Analysis and Propensity Modeling

Understand how to reach your target audience at scale

We help you understand the ideal channels to reach your target stakeholders, from LinkedIn campaigns to out-of-home advertising, conferences to town hall meetings. We’ll augment our channel expertise with propensity models to map out which channels you can leverage with certainty.

ABM Tactical Plan Development

Create a plan that binds sales and marketing together

We develop tactical plans to be owned by sales and marketing teams, and aligned to the strategic goals of the program. From digital channels to physical events, we’ll develop a tangible and coordinated plan with your resources and ABM maturity in mind.