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Atos: From local to global – scaling marketing efforts to achieve business success

Paul Mackender

October 26, 2021

As we continue to interview leading industry experts in our ‘Agents of Change’ series, award winning marketing leader, Cat Dutton, shared how she saw the opportunity to take regional best practices and elevate them to a global scale, in order to drive an unsurpassed client experience.

Cat Dutton is the Deputy Chief Marketing Officer at Atos, a leader in digital services, working across different industries and offering services from consulting through to digital end-to-end transformation.

Like with so many other digital companies, Atos faced a huge challenge at the start of the pandemic. With in-person events no longer viable, Atos sought to adapt its marketing strategy, focusing on digital marketing to better engage with clients, and also to assess its wider group marketing strategy. 

Talking to Agent3 Chief Revenue Officer, Paul Mackender, Cat outlines the structures she put in place at Atos during the pandemic in its shift to achieve amore global outlook and model. This includes the formation of five Global Centers of Excellence, focusing on examples of best practice and consistency, and rolling them out across different areas from insight to client success. 

Throughout the interview Cat discusses this in more detail covering topics such as: 

  • How ABM and DBM (Deal Based Marketing) operates within this new marketing strategy outlook 
  • The pillars and pitfalls of DBM and what to consider when implementing it as part of a wider marketing strategy 
  • The challenges and benefits of aligning sales and marketing 
  • The lasting impact the pandemic has had on business 

Thank you, Cat, for such an interesting conversation! Click here to see the video in full.

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