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“And our (customer satisfaction) survey says…”

Paul Mackender

January 29, 2020

Are we perfect? Far from it. But we’re focused on being the leading global, end to end ABM consultancy.

When we first started Agent3, we had a single defining principle: always hire the best people we could find. In turn, we’d provide great career paths and give them opportunities. Then, as a result, they’ll deliver great work which will in turn attract great clients who will in turn attract great people etc. You get it.

To make sure this model worked, we agreed that we wanted to work with great brands; market leaders, market creators and market disruptors. And, because we want to work in genuine partnership with our customers for the long term, we also needed to work with customers that were respectful, decent and treated our teams the way that they would want to be treated themselves. We didn’t actually describe it this way but I might offend a few folks if I shared the exact parlance we used!

So, how do we measure how successful our simple premise has been? How good have we  been at living and breathing our values – challenge, collaborate and lead? One way we do this is through the results of our annual customer satisfaction survey.

Now, 2019 / 2020 has been a stellar year for Agent3. We’ve grown and pushed hard on almost every front, so one question I had is whether this would impact feedback and the satisfaction from our customers?

The answer is no. In fact quite the opposite.

We ran the survey in the last quarter of 2019. We asked a series of open and closed questions covering everything from ranking the level of service we provide and how easy we are to work with, through to whether you plan on working with us in 2020 and what are your priorities?

I wanted to share the responses to three key questions which are truly representative of the overall results:

  1. We asked ‘how would you describe Agent3?

This was an open question and the top five unaided responses were: innovative, creative, expert, strategic and proactive. 

  1. We asked two Net Promoter Score (NPS) questions:

(i) How likely are you to recommend Agent3 to a colleague or industry peer in the next 12 months?

We scored 8.68 (this is out of 10) and an NPS of 48 (this puts us in between great and excellent).

(i) How likely are you to continue your relationship with Agent3 in the next 12 months?

We scored 8.77 (this is out of ten) and NPS of 55 (this puts us in between great and excellent).

What does the above tell us? 

Firstly, we’re making huge progress in growing our business, but need to keep pushing hard as we’re a competitive bunch.

Secondly, we are living our values and the individual comments, which I can’t share, reinforced this.

Are we perfect? Far from it. But we’re focused on being the leading global, end to end ABM consultancy. That means, at the same time, being open, transparent (hence this blog), straight talking and market leading. We also aim to continue to hire and retain the best talent around in all our specialisms, continue to deliver great results, have fun in the process, and retain and attract the best brands out there.

With exciting new plans for the new FY, we also want 2020 to surpass the success of 2019 where we, for example,

  • continued to develop and deepen our specialist capabilities, including the launch of a new content and creative function, This Machine 
  • opened our first APAC office in Sydney 
  • continued to work with fantastic 3rd party technology platforms like MarketoPardot and Domo but also developed new technology solutions such as SoSell which is being used to power many social engagement programs 
  • announced our global partnership with ITSMA focused on championing true ABM and marketing best practice
  • were proud to be shortlisted for a raft of awards and even won a few

If you’re a customer (thank you! – virtual hug), colleague (hello – virtual high-five) or a future customer or colleague and interested in hearing more about Agent3 (hello – virtual smile and warm hand shake), please do get in touch – we’d love to chat.

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