Cloud Nirvana for Splunk

A scalable, responsive ABM program using deep account-by-account personalization…but at scale.

Historically facing a tough battle with a major competitor, Splunk made an acquisition which put them ahead of the game.  And they wanted to let people know. Agent3’s strategy was to focus on the unique differentiators of the Splunk+acquisition story in order to arm its sales teams to better pitch to on-premise customers.  

Agent3 ran a ‘Responsive’ ABM framework to drive the right balance of scale, personalization, and impact across 244 accounts. Our unique ‘intent-to-action’ framework allowed us to deploy highly customized, account specific collaterals in a rapid manner, enabling us to to point Splunk at the accounts where they would win biggest and fastest.  Most importantly, by implementing a scalable approach to deep account-by-account personalization, we left those target accounts feeling like Splunk was much, much more invested in their business than competitors.

In doing so Agent3 achieved both breadth and depth results: pipeline was driven across 244 accounts, while still supporting individual accounts with unique insights and content. Ultimately, this ABM campaign Influenced over $58m of the pipeline generated in the second half of FY21 representing an incredible 116x ROI for Splunk.  These results exceeded all expectations and won three major industry awards.


Our ‘Cloud Attach’ ABM programme took an ambitious, innovative approach: to deliver a deep level of account-specific insights, messaging, and sales enablement assets to help our Sales teams best deposition the market incumbent while achieving a truly impactful level of scale and breadth.

I’m thrilled with how the programme has gone, driving over 100x ROI of marketing-influenced pipeline, and gaining a really enthusiastic response from our Sales teams and customers alike.

Jeff Lo AVP, Head of Observability Marketing, Splunk