Change Company

Simple as ABC: Always Be Closing.


Project background

Raising the interest rate in a noisy mortgage market.

The Change Company, an upstart bank and mortgage lender, delivered the goods when it came to helping underbanked borrowers.

In a competitive mortgage business market, they lacked a brand identity and a meaningful way to connect with their target audience: cynical mortgage brokers who are motivated by two things: making money and closing loans.



What we did

Getting emotional about loans with our target audience.

We needed to put Change Wholesale on the map with mortgage brokers, and to register new brokers to sell Change mortgages. We understood that every new broker signed could be worth millions in loans, so the ROI from this targeted campaign could be huge.

We wanted to play on the target audience’s emotional desire to win big and be highly effective at closing loans. So we created the Closer Twins. In the role of exaggerated mortgage brokers, they were laser focused on only two things: closing more loans and closing loans faster. This came to life in entertaining ways, including a MasterClass parody, a workout video, sales training videos and impactful engaging social content.



How it went

Closing the deal with content in the moments that matter.

This integrated, multichannel campaign was designed to take audiences from initial awareness, through consideration and trial. ‘The Closer Twins’ punched way above their weight class, delivering big results.

A campaign that delivered over 10 million impressions, 50% increase in brokerage customers within five months, 50% increase in web traffic and 200 marketing opt-ins.

Increase in brokerage customers
Increase in Website traffic
Social impressions

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