More than a game: Data-driven creativity.


Project background

LinkedIn knew that millions of gamers were on LinkedIn but Anonymous Co - one of the world’s biggest gaming brands - didn’t believe the platform was a good place to reach B2C audiences, much less gamers.

LinkedIn needed to change Anonymous Co’s perception that it is purely a B2B platform, and establish its credibility as a place for gamers.  LinkedIn needed help making an impact and changing perception to land the pilot deal.



What we did

We developed a creative concept - ‘Level Up with LinkedIn’ - illustrating the overlap between the professional and the gamer. Supported by research data, we created custom landing pages to bring our research to life in a fresh way within LinkedIn’s brand guidelines.

Along with sales enablement based on custom data and narrative points, we asked for a list of customer stakeholders. Using the list, we converted the stakeholders’ LinkedIn profile pictures into video game avatars. We also turned those avatars into 3D-printed statuettes.

These direct mail concepts landed on the stakeholders’ desks two days before a big meeting and helped the account team fundamentally change the conversation.



How it went

Our winning concept helped LinkedIn show up when it mattered most.
The response was immediate. By the time LinkedIn pitched to Anonymous Co, the targets had been ‘leveled up’ and were ready to play.

This Machine showcased the power of direct mail to reach an account-specific audience and LinkedIn landed the deal.

Game on!

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