Salesforce Partner Program

 Intent-driven, multi touch demand generation to elevate awareness of the Salesforce partner ecosystem.


Project background

Salesforce is a market mover and a driving force in today’s thriving tech economy.  Experiencing unprecedented demand for the world’s #1 CRM solution, it did not have enough resources to serve all its customers and turned to Agent3 to help build and launch a new partner program to recruit tech providers, consultants, developers — even students — to join the Salesforce ecosystem  and implement products and solutions for end-customers. This program would create new revenue streams and more reach for Salesforce, helping fuel the booming economy for cloud-based services.



What we did

Having developed the foundation for the program - campaign strategy and brief, website, customer stories, inbound and outbound content/advertising and onboarding materials - Agent3 then developed pursuit programs in EMEA and AMER aimed at recruiting partners around capacity gaps where Salesforce needed strategic wins in key countries.

Working across several teams and stakeholders, we identified target key accounts that would be a good fit as a Salesforce partner based on high intent and competitive matches and connected them with Salesforce partners.



How it went

After the partner recruiting goal was met in the first 6 months, we helped fill the pipeline and expand the program to recruit partners for specialist products like Marketing Cloud. We are now deploying targeted campaigns in the UK and AMER markets,working in conjunction with the sales team to build pipeline and convert leads.

Engaged over 44,000 new users 
in just 4 weeks
Garnered over 17 million impressions
Achieved a 40% video view rate (watched for 3 seconds)
Developed a pool of over 400,000 engaged and retargetable users

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