Helping OutSystems achieve internal global alignment on their approach and goals for ABM.


Project background

Despite having implemented a series of 1:few and 1:many ABM initiatives over recent years, OutSystems had a broad set of varying expectations and approaches to ABM among different departmental and geographical teams internally.  OutSystems wanted to reset expectations and understanding of ABM across the EMEA, APAC
and AMER regions.



What we did

Agent3 began by crafting and delivering  internal 'ABM Framing Sessions' to provide enablement and education around ABM, as well as a consistent definition of ABM globally. This formed the solid foundations required from which to base all future ABM activity and vertical sector positioning.



How it went

Delighted with the outcome of the ABM Framework sessions, OutSystems then asked Agent3 to assess and optimise its positioning and messaging into high potential Financial Services accounts to better enable sales. It subsequently called on Agent3 to develop an editorial and content strategy to ensure compelling content across the buyer journey.

“The internal 'ABM Framing Sessions'
that Agent3 executed for us were
pivotal in levelling the ABM playing
field at OutSystems, and providing a platform from which to launch industry leading ABM activity underpinned by a global understanding and agreement
on expected outcomes.
The success of the subsequent strategic market positioning, messaging and editorial work, targeting the financial services sector, was testament to the seamless collaboration between ABM, Positioning and Content & Creative.”

Meredith Tufts, Director, Global Demand at OutSystems

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