Gamifying engagement: revitalising personalisation.


Project background

Reinvigorating ‘personalization’ to be heard in the noise.

Adobe believed there was significant message fatigue around the topic
of personalization. They felt that ‘fatigue’ was making it difficult to find breakthrough with their messaging and approach.

Our challenge was to revitalise the Adobe personalization message,
reinvigorate interest in personalization and deliver a campaign that felt
distinct, standing out in a busy marketplace.



What we did

Power up: gamifying personalization.

We felt Adobe could combat the message fatigue around personalization
through gamification, high-touch engagement and shareability. By doing so, we reframed the challenge and re-energised the overused term.

The objective of the game of personalization is to not drop the ball. You’ve got
to be aware of everything. Customer insights. Analytics. Personal preferences.
Data security. Content management. It’s a careful balancing act. But, get it right,
and there’s a chance to win big with customers. To bring this idea to life we
needed a game which built all of these factors into an instantly understandable format. We landed on pinball.


How it went

Flipping the narrative: hitting the jackpot.

By using a game to shift the perception and re-energise the narrative around personalization, we gave Adobe a new entry point into conversations with
both old and new customers.

A fresh, innovative and creative approach enabled Adobe to approach their
customers around a familiar topic, but with a different energy and new perspective.

By gamifying the message, we not only introduced a new way of talking about the
topic, but also a highly shareable asset that drove competition between users.

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