A single event, around a single book, within a single campaign that created long term executive engagement

When the pandemic forced in-person events to become virtual, the challenge for Adobe was how to drive executive engagement, and therefore pipeline, both at, and in-between, events.  The solution was to create one event and one campaign with one book that would enable Adobe to engage with existing executive customers, re-awaken dormant accounts and build new opportunities with top level senior clients at a time when live events were not possible.

Since customer experience is the thread that runs through all Adobe communications,  it chose ‘The Power of Customer Experience’ by Martin Newman, as the book for all ‘readers’ to engage with.  A reading experience for Adobe’s executive audience was created that would build momentum towards a live Book Club event, hosted by BBC and Channel 4’s Steph McGovern, the book author, Martin Newman, and Adobe’s Director of Digital Strategy.  Copies of the book were sent to attendees prior to this live event, and the ensuing discussion around the power of customer experience then positioned Adobe as confident leaders in this field. 

Together, we delivered over 160% of the MQL target, as well as over 700 engaged readers and 600 visits to the event page.

A good leader never stops learning. And, in many ways, that’s why we started the Experience Maker’s Virtual Book Club. A plac where we could bring aspiring leaders, visionary thinkers, and passionate writers together to discuss, explore and share ideas that will inspire new perspectives as well as let us evolve and develop our businesses.

Lee Edwards Vice President, UK & I, Middle East and Africa, Adobe