Accelerating industry growth with ABM.


Project background

With multiple accounts already in the financial services sector, BMC saw significant growth potential in the sector, with 31 organizations identified as offering significant, previously untapped, opportunities.  BMC needed support in honing and communicating its value proposition to these target accounts within the context
of their unique business challenges.



What we did

A ground-breaking and innovative 1:1 and 1: few account-based marketing (ABM) engagement program from Agent3 enabled the BMC sales team to accelerate growth into the accounts identified by developing integrated engagement programs based on specific insights, messages, content and touchpoints.

Agent3 supported with sales and marketing team alignment so that the marketing function could arm the sales team with valuable industry and competitive insight which would enable them to target the right stakeholder with the right message at the right time in order to maximise chances of engagement.



How it went

The program delivered new account revenue close to $80m from both 1:1 and 1:few ABM programs. There was a 44% increase in senior level contacts added over FY19 baseline and a much greater volume of meetings (>3) scheduled with target accounts. Responses from Senior level personas in 1:1 program increased 20%.  The BMC ABM program won Gold in the 2020 ITSMA MEA awards.

“The focus on the top 3 pain points and alignment to the C level buyers shows a strategic integrative approach working towards BMC being considered a strategic partner to those customers
and ultimately driving more revenue for BMC.  The Financial Services messaging and programs created by the North America FM ABM team are the best
I’ve seen at BMC.”

Jeff Hardy, VP & GM, Americas, BMC

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