ABM: the wind beneath Alation’s wings

Responsive ABM approach means efforts were focused on accounts signalling likelihood to convert

Alation is largely credited with creating the data catalog product category thanks to its set of solutions which connect workers with questions to colleagues with answers. But despite blazing the trail with its data catalog, Alation wanted to get invited to the conversation more often. It sought, therefore, to not only achieve this, but to “bring the swagger” and highlight its capabilities and successes in its marketing.

An innovative ABM campaign was required to address three core objectives across 2,000 target accounts spanning 5 vertical sectors:

  • Drive awareness
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Increase sales accepted qualified leads

Agent3 recommended a data-driven, ‘Responsive ABM’ program to reach the right audience at the right time and with the right message.  Being responsive meant although we were providing air cover to all accounts throughout the campaign period (in the form of digital activation and sales enablement) equally, as accounts percolated up, resources and investment were increased based on identified sales opportunities and the customer’s likelihood to convert at particular points in time (identified by intent data sources).

This approach guarantees a level of support into all accounts, and is differentiated from traditional demand generation by increased personalization and tailoring of message and content.  To support this ABM approach, the sales team needed a roster of content that spoke to organizational pain points surrounding access to data, as opposed to the traditional, product-led content that Alation had developed to date. While data is the lifeblood of every organization, each industry sector’s challenges looks very different and Alation needed content that spoke to professionals in its top 5 target industries.

Award wins 

Since launching our ABM program in the latter part of 2021, we have seen significant growth in deals closed from priority ABM accounts.  Our sales team has increased outbound prospecting and exceeded all target outbounding goals, from the predominantly inbound model we had before ABM. The data-driven model deployed has helped build for the future and scale in a meaningful way.

Nicole Kimmick Director, Account-Based Marketing, Alation