1:few ABM program that drove accelerated growth and an enhanced partnership with Citrix’ top 33 accounts.


Project background

Citrix is full of ambition. It wants to transform the way people work, reimagining the employee experience by increasing productivity and engagement through its intelligent workspace platform. Citrix needed to scale up the way it worked with 30+ of its most fertile accounts across 4 vertical sectors. It needed a single theme that would produce engaging content, without having to create something new for each of them individually. While ambitious in promise, however, its ‘transformation of work’ message was somewhat ubiquitous - far from ideal fodder for a laser sharp ABM program to differentiate Citrix and engage an audience with its compelling narrative.



What we did

To be successful in making a ‘transformation of work’ campaign heard above the industry noise, ‘something’ needed to be created that would pave the way for engaging content for all 33 accounts in four vertical sectors without having to build or produce ‘something’ for each of them individually.  

Using insight, research and data as the cornerstone,  Agent3 created ‘The Freedom of Work’ - a campaign that came about having matched vertical sector insights and research to the Citrix value proposition.

‘The Freedom of Work’ enabled Citrix to plant a flag and create a Charter that would become a blueprint for the future of work, regardless of sector. This ‘hero’ content would then explode creatively to enable more personalized content for cluster content further down the sales funnel.


How it went

‘The Freedom of Work’ concept gave Citrix the opportunity
to bring together thought leadership, brand positioning, industry insight and clear calls to action into a strong, single minded and focused campaign.

It won the Gold ITSMA MEA 2021 ‘Embedding ABM Programs’ category award.

“Working with Agent3, which has a vast amount of experience in our industry,
as well as many other sectors, and which
also works with top vendors has allowed us to receive best practice and get guidance on our thinking. It has freed
us up to think more broadly about the accounts and look at them longer term. We have been able to put account teams back on track.”

Director, Strategic accounts, Citrix EMEA

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