Salesforce EMEA

 1:1 ABM to go from Zero to Hero in multinational retailer boardroom.


Project background

Salesforce previously only had a transactional relationship with a leading multinational grocery retailer, with no stakeholder engagement. Agent3 was tasked with gaining reputational awareness, driving executive engagement, and ultimately revenue for Salesforce within this retailer.



What we did

Agent3 introduced a ‘true’ end-to-end 1:1 ABM program, entailing targeted account profiling, insight-driven content strategy, customer journey planning, creative digital campaign development with hero assets NS C-level engagement program.



How it went

The ultimate ‘relationships’ outcome was achieved; Salesforce engaged with the entire grocery retailer’s Executive board, including the CEO. Reputationally, Salesforce is now recognised by this Executive Board and the project achieved impressive revenue outcomes given where it started. The most significant was winning the first multi-year, multi-million enterprise agreement between the grocery retailer and Salesforce.

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