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Measurement + ROI

Measure what matters most in
ABM to optimize impact.

Measurement is one of the most challenging parts of ABM. You need to get it right in order to clearly demonstrate value and ROI. Our measurement framework not only enables you to show progress against strategic business objectives, but lets you optimize and scale faster.

Develop a measurement framework that aligns with
your business strategy

ABM Measurement Consultancy

Learn what you need to measure, and how

Using our ITSMA-approved methodology, we’ll help you plan and define every aspect of your ABM measurement. Using ITSMA’s Three Rs framework (Revenue, Reputation and Relationship), we closely align your metrics and KPIs to business goals, ABM strategy and maturity.

ABM Dashboard Blueprint Assessment

Analyze your data and systems measurement efficiency

We evaluate your ABM systems and data sets in order to recommend a measurement framework. We’ll thoroughly understand your ABM operations and evaluate potential barriers. In workshops, we’ll work together to understand the complex nature of your business to define the ideal measurement strategy and dashboard for your ABM program.

Develop a custom ABM dashboard for sales and marketing

ABM Dashboard Development

Build the dashboard your sales and marketing teams have dreamed of

We focus on bringing measurement to life, not just the capabilities of dashboarding technology. Our easy-to-use, platform-agnostic* dashboards bring sales and marketing teams together, sharing insights at the account and program levels. We design them to fit exactly where you are in your ABM journey.

*We build dashboards on industry-leading data analytics and visualization platforms including Domo, Google Data Studio, Tableau and Plotly.

ABM Attribution Modeling

Understand which activities contribute to specific outcomes

We ensure any cross-channel attribution is built properly, whether we build it ourselves from the ground up or enhance an existing approach. For more advanced attribution, our data scientists build custom models, tracking and analyzing behaviors across different touchpoints.

Data and Systems Consultancy

Integrate, Build and Optimize Your Systems

Remove silos with our data and systems specialists

Our technical specialists will work with you and your systems to unify platforms for centralized measurement. From providing recommendations on how to secure your systems to integrating platforms with APIs, we’ll plan out and recommend ways to extricate data from their silos.