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Insight + Intelligence

Know the accounts and people you’re after like an insider.

Agent3’s insights and analytics team helps you identify and uncover the data to fuel your ABM program—from developing a detailed analysis of your target accounts or sectors, to mapping out which stakeholders you already know and who you need to target. Our proprietary insight technology, delivered as part of a managed service for our clients lay the foundation for a razor-sharp ABM strategy.

Get actionable insight on your target accounts

Account Identification and Prioritization

Turn unknowns into qualified accounts

Identifying, selecting and prioritizing your accounts is a crucial and often difficult part of ABM planning. Our research and data analysts use a combination of Agent3 technology and proven methodologies to recommend which accounts you should include in your program.

Stakeholder Mapping

Get to know your target stakeholders

We go deeper into your target accounts to identify exactly who you need to connect with. Our analysis uncovers who you know already and who you need to know. We go far beyond a hypothetical persona, and give you true insight into individuals based on their actual behaviors online.

Account and Sector Research Profiles

The foundation of account centricity

From financial and operating metrics, SWOT analysis, strategic priorities, key initiatives and challenges, our profiles—tailored to your exact needs—lay the foundation for a successful ABM program. We provide tailored reports on your target accounts, aligned to your ABM program’s objectives.

Read the moment with account-based intent signals

Account-Tracked Web Behavior

Track activity and intent on your website

Our intent technology, designed specifically for ABM, reveals anonymous visitors as named organizations, and identifies a potential buyer’s interest in certain products and topics. We’ll uncover what your targets are actively researching on your website.

Third-Party Topic Insight

Know the topics your targets research

Understand what topics, what websites and what content your target accounts are researching from their devices. Our data scientists and analysts harness the power of the B2B web to report on the themes that matter most to your target accounts.

Find new ways to compete into your target account

Competitor Analysis

Compete harder and better

We help you understand which of your competitors your target accounts have shown interest in and what they’ve engaged with. We also look closely at how your competitors are positioning themselves around specific solutions— giving you the intelligence to develop a stronger position.

Propensity-to-Buy Modeling

Use insight, not instinct, to engage

Take the unpredictability out of buyer behavior and determine whether your target accounts are predisposed to purchasing your products or services. Our data scientists and reliable data models help to reveal which accounts you need to focus on to gain the upper hand against the competition.