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Competitive Positioning + Strategic Differentiation

Craft a proposition your target accounts cannot resist.

Agent3’s messaging strategists help craft the right propositions for your specific audiences. We’ll create the most compelling stories that separate you from the competition, clearly articulate your value, and engage the people that really matter.  We’ll help you impact all your accounts, whether 1:1, 1:few or 1:many, with the winning proposition for each.

Differentiate in a noisy and crowded field

Competitive Positioning

Know how to own the category

Your products and services need to stand out. Our experts help you analyze the competitive landscape and identify how to change perceptions in the marketplace. Set the context by which you position your offering to target accounts with your unique value against the competition.

Differentiated Messaging

Clarify and articulate your proposition

The most successful enterprise brands know that in order to make real connections with target stakeholders, they cannot rely on the strength of their brand and logo alone. Our experts help refine your message, clarifying what you stand for, what you offer, and why you add value to your accounts.

Turn conversations into pipeline

Sales Enablement Narratives

Enable sales teams to sell

With the right narrative, your sales teams can talk to your accounts in their particular context. We develop a top-to-bottom story that enables your sales team to engage stakeholders in a business-led and consultative way. Move beyond generic, “salesy” language to a narrative that truly moves business.

C Level Engagement

Build relationships with business leaders

C level stakeholders are notoriously difficult connections to make. We deliver highly targeted, personalized messaging and communications to help sales teams successfully engage business leaders outside of their normal IT customer conversations.