The Dark Art of Content Syndication

In a world that can seem like smoke and mirrors, it can be difficult to know which way to turn and who to trust along the way.

Here, our experienced specialists aim to lift the hood on the detail behind the promises of content syndication, explaining what really is possible, and how to get there.


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Content Syndication: Speed, Agility and next best action

We all know that the quicker you can pass a lead to a customer for action, the better, but why is this particularly important in content syndication? oneninefive COO, Liam Jacklin, and Agent3 Group Chief Innovation Officer, Dan Sands, discuss the importance of ‘next best action’, best practises on nurturing leads and the question of speed – how soon is too soon? 

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Content Syndication: Speed, Agility and next best action

Content Syndication: Transparency and Integrity

Content Syndication: Accuracy and confidence

Content Syndication : Outcomes and Campaign Measurement

Can a dark art become an art?

Content syndication has become a popular b2b marketing tactic in recent years and for good reason.  Done right, and it can be a secret weapon in any B2B marketer’s armoury, ultimately putting them in front of large, targeted audiences of potential buyers with none of the legwork!

Sound too good to be true? 

Not necessarily, but there are some banana skins along the way, so it pays to be prepared!

Leads have become commoditised and, as such, a ‘race to the bottom’ approach to pricing has led to an increase in content syndication providers who are prepared to cut corners and who are less open to being discursive with marketers.  This can result in a ‘smoke and mirrors’ approach to content syndication, casting doubt over the origins and authenticity of the ‘leads’ produced. 

But it’s not all bad news!  We can help you unleash the ROI you were looking for.

The resources on this site will demystify the ‘dark art’ of content syndication, offering advice on best practise and, importantly, share the questions you need to be asking your content syndication provider to ensure you get the results you were expecting at the outset.  

Delve into the site to discover more about:

  • Transparency, integrity, trust, speed and accuracy
  • The four key priorities of a successful content syndication strategy, and how to know if your provider is meeting them.
  • A checklist of the questions to ask your potential content syndication partner, and red flags to watch out for.
  • Common reasons why content syndication programs fail, and how to fix them. 
  • Agreed outcomes and accurate campaign measurement

In short, you’re in the right place!

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In our new playbook, learn how to maximize the reach and value of your content. Discover our best practice tips, tricks, and resources for content syndication campaigns that land. Download our latest guide. 

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