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What are the factors that enterprises thriving on change most need today

Mark Wiseman-Smith

September 08, 2021

We’ve carried out a quick review of the latest and greatest industry insights from the likes of McKinsey, Accenture, EY and Deloitte to better understand what characteristics they think enterprises most need to be successful right now – in this time of accelerated change.

We believe these factors are useful for CMOs to consider when thinking about engaging enterprise customers. We found five common factors that the big consultants broadly all point to:

  • Winner takes all mentality – Enterprises that are the first to capture value leap forward and put significant and defendable distance between themselves and their competitors and followers
  • Technology thinking everywhere mentiality – Enterprises that see their whole business model as being powered by technology and data are more likely to move ahead faster
  • Mastering constant continuity capability – Enterprises that understand the shift to constant consumption and continuous cycles of sales, experience, innovation and improvement will be readier for changes
  • Moving beyond resilience to anti-fragility – Enterprises that build cross-linked, highly flexible operations that not only can sustain change but learn, grow and improve through it will be fitter for the future
  • Finding power in purpose – Enterprises that know how to put their true purpose to work to guide operational and strategic change and improve relevant to customers, users and employees have demonstrable advantage
  • Moving as one, moving fast – Enterprises that can unify and deliver at extreme speed while de-risking the cost and complexity of change are able to make investment more easily, prove investments value more robustly and continuously capture value and position for change better than others

This is only a small snapshot of what we looked at to better understand and help our clients determine which accounts to target and how to personalise their positioning and approach to the specific context of an industry and the accounts strategy within the market. 

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