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The marketing strategies being adopted post covid.

Clive Armitage

October 05, 2020

Taking a temperature check of the world’s most influential brands – Next Fifteen asks its global client base how it plans to cope with Covid

I recently got to sit down with Tim Dyson, the CEO of Agent3’s major investor, off the back of some in-depth research that Next Fifteen has commissioned into its global client base.  Tim has always preached the mantra of the importance of being close to customers by understanding what is driving them at any given time, and the research is an exercise in delivering on that objective.  

With 20 different marketing services brands in its portfolio, Next Fifteen has excellent access to many of the world’s largest and most influential brands, in both the B2B and B2C world.  Finding out their views on how the world looks to them today, as we battle Covid, is therefore a great lightning rod into current global business sentiment, as well as an excellent opportunity to understand how brands see the future.

So, knowing that the research findings had just been released, I chatted to Tim over a video call (how else these days?) about the findings.  It was a fascinating conversation, covering a number of different areas: from exploring how all businesses have been impacted by Covid through to where CMOs plan to prioritize future budgets; and from how the pivot to data driven marketing will fuel creativity, rather than stifle it, through to why marketing has to finally address the measurement challenge if it wants to secure budget in a post Covid world.  What was apparent from the research, too, the importance that the Next Fifteen brands attach to the ability of organisations to use data to predict customer behaviour specifically, and tailor campaigns and messaging accordingly. 

There’s a lot more great content than I can cover here so go here to watch the video and download the report.  I hope you find it helps you with planning your strategy in these ever changing times.

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