The SOsell journey: enter stage left Fearless Labs

Less than 2 years ago, I presented an idea to the Next15 board and the senior team at Agent3 about how social selling could be redefined through the development of a product called SOsell.  My vision was to create, in SOsell, the world’s first intent driven, AI enabled social selling application.  It was a lofty goal.  And, as we worked through initial product specs and built a team of developers to create the best possible product, at times it felt our ambition outstretched what was possible. Finally, however, after several months of intense effort, we brought SOsell to market and quickly realised that market demand for it was significant.

In the first year of SOsell’s existence, we signed a number of blue chip enterprises up as initial customers, including Salesforce, O2 and VMware, won awards, such as the ITSMA Marketing Excellence Award for Enabling Sales to Accelerate Growth, and developed a really strong roadmap for the future of the application.  But we also realised that, for SOsell to reach its full potential, it needed the impetus of being part of a separate, dedicated business, and be managed by people that have direct experience in scaling successful SaaS businesses.  It’s why today, we’re announcing that SOsell will be the founding application of a new software business called Fearless Labs.

Fearless Labs has been created to help SOsell realise its full potential as well as to develop future innovations that build on SOSell’s objective of helping better align sales and marketing engagement efforts, to drive stronger revenue outcomes.  Chaired by serial entrepreneur Pontus Noren with CRO Darren Richie and CTO Hatim Abdalla, Fearless Labs will focus initially on driving even greater market momentum for SOSell.  In particular they will be driving increased product investment with new innovations coming shortly including SSO, a full front end refresh and more advanced in app social engagement insights.

By passing the SOSell baton to Fearless Labs, the new team, led by Pontus, can be focused 100% on the software innovation, while we at Agent3 will focus on leveraging SOsell to build out highly innovative social relationship development programs for our customers’ key and named accounts.  I’m very excited about the plans that Fearless Labs have for SOsell and am even more excited about realising those plans with our customers.


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