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Seattle – we are open!

Clive Armitage

May 05, 2022

seattle open

Seattle. Birthplace of a certain coffee chain you might have heard of, as well as some of the most innovative, fast growing enterprise and consumer technology companies on the planet, including Amazon and Expedia. And now home to Agent3’s third North American presence (alongside New York and San Francisco) and our eighth office globally (the others are London, Cheltenham (UK), Woodbridge (UK), Sofia and Sydney in case you were wondering). 

So why open an office in Seattle and why now? It’s pretty simple really; market demand and the availability of talent. 

Let’s start with market demand. The accelerating shift towards data driven, account-centric marketing, and in particular ABM as a precise approach to drive engagement, is creating a significant market opportunity for us. In the last three years, our global revenues have tripled and by working with brands such as Salesforce, LinkedIn and Intel, we have worked incredibly hard to establish ourselves as the only global ABM agency capable of supporting all levels of ABM at scale, Suffice to say, we’re highly focused on meeting this opportunity through aggressive organic growth and a smart acquisition strategy. 

In terms of leadership, our new Seattle office is being led by one of our long term executives, Clare Noble. A fantastic team and client service leader, I’m certain that Clare is perfectly placed to maximize our opportunity to grow our presence in Seattle quickly, as well as building a team that can support clients in the Pacific North West and across North America as a whole. We’re delighted that Clare has located to Seattle to head up our new office because we know she has the talent to be successful in building a business. And more than that, we also know that she builds great teams; people that develop quickly, love working with her as a manager and who do great work. We want to tap into the massive talent pool of amazing marketers in the Pacific Northwest — as evidenced by our brilliant recent hires in the region — to fuel our growth further and are confident people will want to work for, and with, Clare. (Interested? Please do get in touch!)

This latest investment in a new office in Seattle comes after our recent investment in demand generation specialist 195; a move which has already led to the establishment of a team of five people for 195 in North America, within four months of the deal closing.  195’s initial success is further evidence of the size of the market opportunity in front of us, particularly in the US.  And opening for business in Seattle is further evidence of our desire to grab that opportunity.  I am confident that it will be a huge success for us, as well as being a precursor for other office openings, globally, in the near future.  

As ever, watch this space…

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