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The B2B Marketing Conference 2018 (Including video with Joel Harrison)

Clive Armitage

November 05, 2018

Watch the video to hear what B2B Marketing's Editor-in-Chief Joel Harrison has to say about the B2B Marketing Conference 2018 as well as his views on why ABM is so hot right now.

There’s been a flurry of activity in the Agent3 London offices this week; as well as the usual business of cracking on with award nominated ABM campaigns  (shameless self promotion there…), the team has also been busy preparing for our appearance at, and sponsorship of, B2B Marketing’s ABM Conference.

Now in its second year, this is an event at which all things ABM get discussed with over 400 UK marketers all seeking to do one thing; deliver better ABM for their organisations.
In the run up to the event, I was delighted to welcome B2B Marketing’s Editor-in-Chief Joel Harrison into our London offices to discuss why the event is the largest of its kind that B2B Marketing runs, as well as exploring just why ABM is so hot right now.  Watch the video to hear what he has to say and also learn what will be the trends for ABM in 2019…

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