SoSell reaches shortlist at Digital Impact Awards!

Ten years ago, the B2B sales environment was unrecognisable from the one within which sales representatives operate today.  Closing deals was largely dependent on personal relationships studiously built over multiple rounds of golf and long lunches.  Twitter usage was a tenth of what it is today, and its value was questionable.

And it was within that context that the Digital Impact Awards were launched, in 2010, with the goal of celebrating the most effective, forward-thinking digital communications strategies and uses of digital that set the benchmark for excellence in communications. 

But ten years ago, who would have dared to imagine that the use of digital would become such a key component of the sales and marketing process in the B2B arena? 

As social media developed over the past decade, though, its value became increasingly apparent, particularly for building buyer-seller relationships and for establishing influencers within sectors.  Recognising this potential value, Agent3 set about creating the world’s first social selling tool that used intent data to help some of the world’s largest companies to better understand, engage and sell to their named and key accounts.  Enter stage left SoSell.

Officially launched in December 2019, SoSell is a social selling platform that uses AI to help better communicate with the right message at the right time on social media. It enables field sales representatives to engage consistently and efficiently with prospective customers to generate awareness, activate interest and, ultimately, convert them to quality leads. 

Today, we’re delighted to announce that the needle-shifting results SoSell has achieved for our customers so far have been officially recognised by the Digital Impact Awards as it is named a finalist in its Best Development of Proprietary Social Media Platform and Tools’ category!

As the value of digital communications grows, so does the breadth, and standard, of entry submitted to the Digital Impact Awards, which can only be good news for the market. This year saw a record number of companies enter these awards, so it’s fantastic to see SoSell shortlisted in its category among such a field of innovation.  Agent3 wishes all entrants the best of luck ahead of the awards ceremony on October 13th!

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