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S/He who dares, wins

Clive Armitage

November 16, 2023

In our company marketing materials, we talk a lot about our client brands showing up for their customers.

But do we do the same for OUR customers? 

Do we hire people who will just turn up to work, do what’s asked of them and go home again?  Or do we hire people who dare?  People who challenge our clients on their objectives and dare to push boundaries and try something new to achieve better-than-hoped-for results?

We like to think the latter.  And guess what?  Having great people means they attract great clients who want to work with us in true partnership, rather than in a client/agency transactional relationship.  And this belief has proved a winning formula - literally - over the last couple of months with a series of heavyweight industry award wins….

Rachael Bell, VP ABM, NTT Data, is more than a client, she is an Agent3 friend who works in partnership with us to enable our people to achieve great things for her ABM programs globally.  Together, we worked to create and drive the development of a global account-based marketing center of excellence that boosted alignment between sales and marketing and ultimately resulted in measurable business growth.

In recognition of this work we have so far achieved:

Similarly, at the B2B Marketing Awards, Agent3 won Gold in the Best Digital Experience category for our client, Splunk! This win was for boundary-pushing interactive engagement using the latest in innovative technology to create unprecedented results for our client.

And finally, our client ServiceNow won the top Diamond award in the ‘Strengthening Executive Engagement’ category of the ITSMA MEA awards 2023!

Ultimately, the joy of winning an award is founded not just on the public recognition for great work (and after all, who doesn't want the quality of their work validated by their peers in the industry?) but it's also based on the culmination of all the things that make agency life so compelling; the creation of a smart strategy, the partnership with the client to agree to proceed, the flawless execution on a tactical level by amazing teams, and the satisfaction of the commercial impact achieved. 

In essence, winning an Award is like crossing the finishing line of a race - it's the reward for all that has gone before. Congratulations to anyone who has been fortunate enough to have their work celebrated with an Award over the last few weeks. It has been a long and tough race to get over that finish line so enjoy the feeling of achievement!

And if you think you’ve got what it takes to dare to win, drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!

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