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Reach, but not to Mars [IMAGE NEEDED]

Fred Studer

May 22, 2019

I'm advising Agent3 because I know they hold these principles within the DNA of their business and as such, I'm excited to support their growth over the coming years. Good times are ahead!

So, first things first, I wanted to say how delighted I am to have joined with Agent3 to act as a strategic adviser to the team.  To my mind, marketing must build pipeline and reduce friction within the pipeline.  And so I’ve built my marketing career on working with great people who are passionate about delivering innovative marketing that drives tangible business outcomes. I’m advising Agent3 because I know they hold these principles within the DNA of their business and as such, I’m excited to support their growth over the coming years.  Good times are ahead!

Now, I’ve just read a typically astute blog from the super smart Seth Godin.  I have been marketing for over 25 years and like Seth, I haven’t gone through a day without hearing something about how I MUST improve my reach.  Although I am sure that there are some products that may be a perfect fit for the folks on Mars, most probably do not.  To gut check my belief, I decided to reach out to a savvy millennial digital marketer who recently graduated from USC Marshall to gauge how a digital ‘native’ really views marketing.   So when speaking with Kailey Nightingale, I asked her, with all of the focus on email, google, SEO, SEM, and even telescopes, what did she think was the key to successful marketing.  Without hesitation she said, there are so many ways to optimize your digital but if you don’t intimately know your audience and deliver an authentic and compelling value to them you’re just wasting their time and your money.  I couldn’t agree more.

It always has, and always will, come down to understanding your buyer’s challenge, succinctly articulating how you uniquely solve that problem and then making it extraordinarily simple for them to engage with you.  Sure telescopes may be involved at some point in time, but in the meantime, while we market to humans on this planet, the knowledge of who your best buyers are and then connecting with them on their terms will always be the best bet.  Regardless of galaxy, It will always come down to great data driven marketing and good old fashioned authentic relationship building.  Which brings me back full circle to Agent3; their mantra of #insightnotinstinct is spot on when it comes to modern marketing.  And suffice to say, they are completely aligned with Seth (and my) view that ‘Reach is overrated’.

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