My Experience with Agent3

With their patience they enlightened me on how Agent3 combines data, tech and creativity to define B2B marketing and inspire ABM best practice.  

Summer holidays for students are meant to be about sun, festivals and resting the brain. I didn’t do that. I went to work. With the help of Agent3 I sowed the seeds of my ambitions for the future and started to reap the rewards of the harvest.

You have a choice when you’re on a placement. You can toe-the-line and watch on from the sides, or you can roll up your sleeves and learn by doing. I wanted to use my final summer as a student gaining valuable industry knowledge before heading out into the working world.  Agent3 gave me this opportunity and I have been further educated on end-to-end Account Based Marketing.

So they gave me a packet of seeds. Not literally. They gave me ideas about why, what, where and how’s of ABM. Then they helped me nurture them.

Being here over the summer I was able to see first hand the immense growth and impressive expansion of the company I first experienced four years ago on my week’s work experience. Seeing the tangible changes in just four years I have found truly inspiring.  What has also been evident to me during this internship in particular is that this progress would not have been possible without the dedicated and hard working ABM brains of the Agent3 team. 

During my internship I had the opportunity to nurture my ambition and ideas alongside all of the different departments. From the specialist consultants to the inspired creatives, all of who played a key role in my learning process. They watered, fed and gave me a place in the sun, giving me a far greater in depth experience than I could have ever anticipated. With their patience they enlightened me on how Agent3 combines data, tech and creativity to define B2B marketing and inspire ABM best practice.  

My first week was a deep dive into Account Based Marketing. I received a one-on-one induction with the data team who demonstrated what ‘intent’ is and how Agent3 use it to enrich their ABM methodology.  I discovered how this powerful tool works to aggregate evidence on how people within target client accounts are researching topics. It was fascinating to see how using these insights help Agent3 to target their clients’ key accounts with impactful, engaging and relevant content. My curiosity piqued and inspired by the team, I was keen to learn more.

A key part of my learning throughout my internship was using Agent3’s core ABM enablement tool, Spotlight.  It helps Agent3’s clients to thoroughly understand their target accounts. Agent3 recognises that insight fatigue can compromise ABM program success, so these reports are customised for each client with insights for them to harness the power themselves. What I found so powerful, was how Agent3 make the structure of the report so accessible and digestible for their clients, allowing them to always be informed on their key accounts. The more I worked on with the account teams, the more I felt I understood. Along every step, the teams continued to support and nurture my development.

I also had the opportunity to attend a training session on the Marketing Automation Software, Marketo. This was incredibly beneficial to my learning. Here, I was exposed to industry software that I would not have been able to see anywhere else. I was intrigued to see how Agent3 use the software to assist clients in building automated, personalised marketing campaigns across multiple digital channels. The more I learned, the more inspired I became. I felt like the seeds of ideas that they gave me really begin to take root.

Four years ago Agent3 helped me to shape my career aspirations and as a result I went on to study Marketing at the University of Southampton. Over the last five weeks, they’ve enabled me to grow and develop my learning. I truly couldn’t have wished for a more nurturing and friendly team to have spent my last summer with, before going back to University for my final year. Right from day one I was made to feel so welcome by all the team, making the whole experience that much more memorable. I genuinely feel that my ideas and understanding of ABM was allowed to blossom under their guidance.

I hope to keep in contact with all the incredible people I have had the privilege of working with and I am especially excited to see what the future holds for Agent3.



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