Introducing Creative that Converts

The launch of This Machine will provide a unique proposition to enterprise clients: high-quality creative, based on target customer data and intent, that drives both sales motions and brand growth.

Agent3 was created on the simple premise that three things drove modern marketing; data, technology and content.  The 3 agents of change, as it were. And our enduring mission is to help progressive brands combine these three things into compelling marketing and sales programs that drive pipeline, particularly in named and key accounts, through Account Based Marketing (ABM).  

Truth be told, since we started the business, we’ve been somewhat obsessed with the data and technology side of the house.  So, we’ve invested in developers, data analysts and more data sources than we care to remember. The result? We’ve been able to bring to market a slew of great innovation that either automates or improves sales and marketing engagement processes, so driving better commercial outcomes.  We think this approach has differentiated us in the marketplace and believe that it has been the reason for our rapid growth to date.
But, at our heart, we’re still a bunch of marketers who love creativity and great storytelling.  After all, you can have all the insights in the world, gleaned from a myriad of data sources, and understand how to exploit technology to reach audiences, but if you don’t have something interesting to say?  Well, quite simply, you aren’t going to drive the outcomes you want. It’s for this reason that we’ve taken another big step in investing to meet our objective of becoming the global consultancy of choice for B2B marketers.  

Today, we’re announcing that we have launched a dedicated creative and content operation based in San Francisco; This Machine by Agent3. This Machine will be led by Dave Feinberg, Michael Tucker and Jason Winkler — all formerly of Omnicom B2B specialist Doremus — where they led strategy, creative and client services for blue chip brands Intel, HP, Microsoft and others over the last 7+ years.  This team has perfected the ability to marry brand-building ideas with business-building content, earning many creative awards and accolades along the way.
The launch of This Machine will provide a unique proposition to enterprise clients: high-quality creative, based on target customer data and intent, that drives both sales motions and brand growth.  By launching This Machine as a division of Agent3, we can highlight the content and creative specialism of This Machine within appropriate stages of our core ABM planning and execution workflow, but also develop client engagements that expand beyond ABM. We know Dave, Jason and Michael will attract new clients and new talent to Agent3, thus growing our market position even further.

I asked Dave, Jason and Michael to provide their perspective on the launch of This Machine and they told me this; “From the creative side, this is an incredible opportunity to bring together the technology and science of ABM with the energy and emotional impact of brand-level creative. We get to inform our work with insights and intent signals from people inside actual target accounts.  Everything from the development of big ideas and creative platforms, to content types and the specific stories we tell, we can do more confidently and with more impact, as part of Agent3. This is groundbreaking for us, and groundbreaking for clients, who can’t get this combination anywhere else. There’s a better way to do B2B and we think this is it.”
So, it feels like an incredibly exciting time to be at Agent3 right now and we’re absolutely focused on continuing to deliver innovative, results driven programs for our growing list of customers.  If you’d like to find out more about This Machine, do take a look here –

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