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Introducing Agent3’s new ‘Agents of Change’ series

Paul Mackender

August 19, 2021

When we created Agent3, we had a very clear objective of helping our customers sell more to their key and named accounts by leveraging the three agents of change in modern marketing; data, technology and creativity, together. Our focus has been to help our clients sell and accelerate revenue, but more now than ever before, the need to drive sustainable success in this continually unpredictable world has become at the forefront of leaders’ minds.  

Today, we’re launching a new content series called “Agents of Change”, where we’ll be interviewing some of the most influential and pioneering leaders to understand how the world of business has pivoted since the pandemic. 

We’ll be exploring the most pressing topics at the top of their agendas such as:

  • What are the new growth drivers?
  • How will the world of work actually operate post pandemic?
  • What sectors will benefit going forward and what innovations can we expect?
  • How should organisations change to drive sustainable success for the benefit of everyone?

We couldn’t be happier that so many friends of Agent3 will be joining us on our new Agents of Change series, including:

  • Richard Eyre MBE, Chairman of the Board at Next 15, Ex-CEO of several European Media Companies
  • Eric Berridge, EVP Commercial Officer at Salesforce
  • Cat Dutton, Deputy CMO, Atos
  • Eric Martin, VP of ABM at SAP

Every month, we’ll be sharing new videos and blogs from the latest conversations with new guests, so make sure you subscribe to keep up to date! 

Watch the first conversations here!

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