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How to prove you have reached the people who count

Bev Burgess

July 20, 2020

Measuring ABM requires a different mindset to measuring demand generation campaigns

UPDATE: Our webinar took place on 15th July 2020, but you can register here to watch the replay immediately.

David Ogilvy said “Don’t count the people you reach; reach the people that count.”  This is one of my favourite marketing quotes, and one I often refer to when describing the essence of Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

But the quote also neatly introduces one of the main complexities in ABM: measurement.

Through my work with ITSMA I know that measurement of ABM programs is consistently cited by practitioners as their number one challenge.  In ITSMA’s 2019 benchmarking research* conducted with the ABM Leadership Alliance, measurement was cited as the second biggest challenge after personalisation, with 35% of ABM-ers saying that tracking and measuring ABM results was their biggest issue.

So where is the link between this and Mr Ogilvy’s quote?

Well, measuring ABM requires a different mindset to measuring demand generation campaigns. The latter are traditionally measured by the volume of qualified leads they generate, whereas ABM-ers typically measure the business outcomes delivered for the accounts in their programme. ABM is more about quality than quantity.

In other words, reaching the people that count.  Or, as we at ITSMA like to frame it, measuring business outcomes in terms of reputation and relationships and revenue – the three R’s.

But it can be difficult to measure these types of outcome, and that is why I am delighted to announce that I’ll be discussing the complexities involved with ABM Rockstar, Andrea Clatworthy (Head of ABM at Fujitsu EMEIA) and ABM specialists, Agent3, on this webinar.  

Join us on Wednesday 15th July at 9am PT/12 noon ET/5pm BST, for guidance and practical tips on how to measure and optimise your ABM impact.  We’ll share learnings from two decades of working in ABM as well as refer to research and insights from our recently launched guide to measurement. 

I do hope you can join us.

Bev Burgess, Senior Vice President & Global ABM Practice Leader, ITSMA

This blog is also posted on to ITSMA’s website where you can find more of insights on ABM.

* ITSMA and ABM Leadership Alliance, 2019 ABM Benchmark Study, October 2019

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