How do you truly embrace the notion of customer centricity?

Matt Preschern is a much admired and highly experienced Chief Marketing Officer in the enterprise technology space, with over two decades of leadership experience in marketing and strategic business development.  His career spans leadership roles at IBM, HCL Technologies, CA Technologies, Forcepoint and, today, he holds the role of Chief Marketing and Demand Generation Officer at NTT. 

As we continue to interview business leaders about driving sustainable success in a changing world, Agent3 CEO, Clive Armitage, sat down with Matt to explore the changing characteristics of customer engagement post pandemic and how marketing departments need to reconsider their approach to map onto this change.

Matt described the Covid-accelerated disintermediation of the front end sales process and how this has changed the way buyers interact with companies irrevocably.  To be successful, he explained, companies need to change their mindset.

Rather than using marketing as a vehicle to push communications, it should instead have a focus on the right, customer-centric interaction models and how best to address customer challenges in order to accelerate growth for the company.  Since marketing is evaluated on the growth of the company, success will come from having this customer-centric mindset, rather than a more artificial focus on how different internal functions should be organized.

Which types of companies look set to achieve exceptional success in the near future, according to Matt?  Find out by listening in here.

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