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How are businesses implementing digital transformation?

January 10, 2020

Understanding where your enterprise customers and target accounts are placed along their unique journey of digital transformation can give considerable advantage when used to tailor your message and become more relevant than the competition.

Usually, transformation is led by the C-suite with IT supporting their digital ambitions. This means digital transformation and the ideas of what it should focus on are being driven by the business. As a result, many of the early success stories and initiatives have a strong focus on innovations mainly in customer experience.

These innovations aren’t always connected or integrated with transformation in other areas such as finance, HR, or supply chain. They’re pockets of innovation often served by a specialist set of new digitally-equipped vendors or created by Google-style internal departments.

This happens because; it’s the easiest place to start, the customer gets a better experience, it’s less disruptive, and it can be done outside of the organization’s existing processes and legacy systems.

How are these innovations driving real transformation?

We see the answer to this question as an opportunity. The challenge is understanding how organizations are industrialising the innovation and turning digital transformation into a scalable and enterprise-wide change to deliver true transformation. To answer this, we help our IT vendor clients to define what it will take for transformation to work across all areas of the organizations they work with and how they can fill the gap between the new digital and the old legacy worlds [and define/manage the change over time]. By doing this we can help our clients be relevant to organizations undergoing digital transformation and re-position them against the new breed of digital-first competitors that are emerging.

For more on digital transformation, read our latest Executive Insight Report ‘Digital Transformation. What is it and where are we on the journey?’.

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