High level, intimate events on demand? Introducing Folloze Live Events

Just over a year ago, Agent3 announced a strategic, global partnership with Folloze, a personalized marketing platform that uses AI to deliver the same personalized, relevant and contextualized information to a particular account, whether that be on an individual or at-scale basis.  

The partnership has enabled us to address the very real B2B marketing challenge of applying ‘true’ ABM principles, but at scale, and subsequently helping the acceleration of time to value for sales teams through rapid deployment of content journeys aligned to target accounts. 

One of the key components of the buyer journey has always been high touch, in-person events, but in the wake of COVID-19, and the subsequent shift to digital, a proliferation of virtual events has given rise to digital fatigue and digitally-distracted buyers, often with 50-70% attendance drop off.  

So, if you’re a ‘frontline marketer’ – ie, a demand marketer who is measured against revenue, well aligned with sales and focused on directly engaging buyers with digital campaigns and programs – how do you compete for buyers’ time and attention with digital events? In particular, small, intimate events, such as executive roundtables, that have proven success in accelerating pipeline?

Imagine if digital events could be more like Netflix: on demand content – as well as interactivity – that buyers could choose to watch at a time to suit them!

The answer may well lie in the launch of Folloze Live Events – effectively an ‘easy button’ for hosting targeted virtual event experiences that engage your target buyers and move them along their buying journey.  

In effect, Folloze is taking its expertise in serving up personalized, relevant and contextualized information and applying it to events.

I recently sat down with Randy Brasche, VP of Marketing, Folloze and Andrew Gaffney, Editorial Director, Demand Gen Report, to discuss the massive potential of digital live events for frontline marketers, as well as the top 5 strategies for events that will help drive sales growth in 2022. These are:

  1. Engage to advance B2B buyers – how is event success measured? Is it engagement by account? Velocity by stage? Or attendance and active participation by event?
  2. Small audience, bigger pipeline – bigger audiences don’t always equate to a similarly large pipeline opportunity
  3. Gamify the buyer experience: how to provide something of value as an incentive to register, take an action, or pose a question to the speaker, as well as identify super-engaged registrants for 1:1 personalized experience with the speaker.
  4. Empower sales teams to self-service: how self-service can help frontline marketers quickly execute events with impact, help sales teams be more responsive to buyers and enable customers to get what they want, when they want it 
  5. Create “Safe-Spaces” and Build Community: how events-on-demand can be executed with “Chatham House Rule,” especially at senior leadership roundtables, can encourage shared experiences, even if virtually, and can create foundations for smooth transition back into real-world 1:1 engagements 

I highly recommend watching this (simu-live!) event – at a time to suit you, of course! You can do so by clicking here. 

If you want more information about how Folloze Live Events may help accelerate your buyer journey, I’d love to hear from you at abm@agent3.com

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