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Growth, Introspection, and Diversity: What’s next for the world of B2B Marketing?

Clive Armitage

January 17, 2022

As we continue to meet business leaders from across the globe to hear their views on how to drive sustainable success in a post-pandemic world, we were fortunate enough to get time with Tim Dyson, CEO of global marketing services group, Next15.

Next15 (NFC.L) is a global marketing services group with a market capitalization in excess of £1bn, operating across the globe through 22 brands, including Agent3.  With a mission to become the world’s leading growth consultancy, Next15 has grown rapidly since its creation in 1982 as a single B2B PR agency called Text 100.  Tim Dyson has been at the helm since 1990.  

Agent3 CEO Clive Armitage listened to Tim’s insight on how this priority reassessment brought on by the pandemic has shaped businesses for the better, and what B2B sectors we can expect to see grow in 2022 as a result. 

As the pandemic caused businesses to reflect and reevaluate their operations and outlook to foster growth, Tim identified three main areas which would see the most expansion in the coming year: brand marketing, business transformation, and data.

Touching on brand marketing, Tim went on to say that this area, along with the concept of customer loyalty, has fundamentally changed. Businesses should no longer take customers for granted, or assume brand marketing works even if it doesn’t sell. In his opinion, it is one of the reasons why ABM has flourished, as more and more businesses have realised the value of staying with the customer through their entire journey. 

Finally, Tim mentioned the important role that diversity has to play in shaping the future growth of successful B2B businesses. Whether that’s in the workforce and talent recruitment, or in the work and the thinking and approaches produced, diversity will be a key cornerstone and opportunity for companies to improve and build upon.

In short, what’s certain is that there is exponential potential for growth, fed by this reevaluation, all of which is  sitting within many B2B marketers and businesses’ grasp.

To watch the conversation in full and see what else Tim had to say about the future growth potential of B2B marketing, click here.

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