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Getting Flexified

Sally Street

August 17, 2021

Earlier this week we were accredited by Flexa as a company that offers truly flexible working. Flexa surveys both companies and their employees to make sure they only accredit truly flexible companies, so we’re delighted that we passed with flying colours.

We’ve been thinking a lot about flexible working over the last year and a half. Of course we’re not alone in that. As the pandemic forced so many businesses into remote working, many companies have had to rethink how they will work when things return to a new normal. Our business has grown and evolved significantly over that time, with more collaboration across time zones, and our people were working differently as a result. So while we’ve always offered some flexibility we knew it was time to take things one step further. 

So what have we changed? We’re adopting even more of a hybrid working model – allowing our teams to combine home and office working based on their commitments and preferences. As part of that the office now has a more defined purpose – to collaborate, create or connect with colleagues, partners and clients. So if our people have an in-person client meeting, a team planning session or brainstorm, or they’re at a critical point in a project where it would be beneficial to be able to ask quick questions throughout the day – then we ask that they come into the office. If they don’t have any of those commitments then they’re free to decide whether they work in the office, from home or somewhere else that day. 

We’ve also made our hours even more flexible – with core hours of 11am – 3pm and the flexibility to start earlier and finish earlier, start later and finish later, or break up your hours around your work and personal commitments. And we’ve created a framework for applying for even greater flexibility – like being fully remote or having set hours outside of the core. 

Ultimately we want to create a working environment and a culture that allows all our people to deliver great work, while having the flexibility to balance their work and home life. At the centre of this is trust. We trust all our employees to deliver excellent work and to meet their commitments to clients and each other. And in exchange we give them the flexibility to figure out how best they achieve that. 

Being accredited by Flexa was partly about having external validation that our approach was truly flexible. But it’s also about making sure smart, talented, passionate people who are looking for flexibility can find us. Whether you’re a parent, you have commitments as a carer, you have an illness or disability that means travelling into or working from an office is tough, or you have another reason for looking for more flexibility – we want to hear from you. 

Take a look at our Flexa company page or our Join Us page to find out more about our available roles and feel free to drop us a line at if you have any questions about our approach to flexible working or anything else.

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