Get the most out of Marketo with our Automation Audits

Those with a good memory may recall that, about a year ago, we asked you to imagine winning the lottery and deciding to buy yourself a Ferrari, but then only using that Ferrari to go to the supermarket and back for the weekly shop.  Over and over again.  Bit of a wasted investment, we’d say, and hardly seeing maximum return on your (significant) investment.

The analogy we were drawing, of course, was about making the most of an investment in marketing automation by seeing the bigger picture and using the technology to its full potential, rather than purely for email.  We shared our thoughts on what it means to go beyond email, which we hope were helpful, but before you begin assessing how you could get more out of your marketing automation, you need to have an accurate picture of where you’re at currently, where you want to go, what is working and what needs attention. 

At Agent3, we have a team of in-house Marketo specialists who are trained in helping our customers conduct audits and providing a subsequent roadmap that will enable them to maximise the ROI of their Marketo platform. 

The results we’ve achieved for customers have been needle shifting – award winning, even – and so, with this in mind, we’ve decided to offer our renowned, six-step audit process to everyone.

If you’re keen to make sure your marketing technology is working as hard as it can for you, the first step is to register for one of our free, 60 min discovery calls. From the information we capture, we’ll share some initial high-level findings on your data quality, lead scoring, lead lifecycle, 3rd party integrations and reporting and talk you through the improvements we recommend to really maximize your investment.  

Then, with our full, fixed cost, six-step audit (including workshops, an expert deep dive and a recommended roadmap) we can support your business with:

  • A demonstration of the main benefits of Marketo to justify the budget allocated to the platform
  • Acceleration and greater visibility of your lead’s journey down the funnel
  • Implementation of multi-channel nurturing programs leveraging functionality such as dynamic content
  • Significantly improved quality of leads being passed to sales
  • A powerful martech stack with all pieces of the puzzle speaking to one another

So if you want to take your Ferrari from plod mode to performance, take the first step on your journey by clicking here to register for our free discovery call.

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