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Ex-Forrester analyst boosts Agent3 global consultancy team

Clive Armitage

December 08, 2021

Over the last few years, Agent3 has grown significantly, on a global basis, off the back of a single mission: to help our customers sell more to their key and named accounts through innovative ABM solutions and campaigns that deliver measurable commercial value, quickly.  To make this happen, we have always focused on hiring the right kind of talent that has specialist expertise to help with every part of the ABM delivery journey. And given the complexity of getting ABM right, we have therefore hired people with a diverse range of specialist skills.  

So, we have data scientists on staff to help mine the right account insight.  We have targeting and channel specialists who understand the right places to reach the right stakeholders, and technologists who apply a spectrum of data and software solutions to power our ABM campaigns.  We have strategists that get to the heart of differentiated positioning for any given account or cluster, and creatives that build on this messaging to produce concepts and content that truly drive engagement.  And we also have client service consultants who adroitly steer the progression of a program through its various stages, to meet the client need.  

Complementing all these brilliant people is our newest addition to the team; Alisa Groocock, lately of Forrester and now working out of our San Francisco office as a VP of our new Advisory team. Alisa has joined to help our customers architect the right ABM journey for their particular needs and will be advising across the full spectrum of ABM maturity; from brands who are just starting with ABM, through to organizations that are already carrying out sophisticated programs. I get a huge buzz out of knowing that we have people in the team who will add true value to our customers’ ABM efforts so I could not be more delighted that Alisa has chosen to come on board with us, given her unrivalled industry knowledge and experience of all things ABM while she was at Forrester.   

In my conversations with Alisa prior to her deciding to join us, I was struck by just how passionate she was about consulting with brands to help them win.  And given she was Forrester’s most requested analyst, it’s clear that her passion for client consulting was reciprocated by her client’s desire to work with her!  I am certain this passion is going to translate into significant value for the Agent3 customer base as well as providing enormous benefit, in terms of expertise and experience, for the broader Agent3 team of specialists.  

I welcome Alisa into our team, therefore, and can’t wait to work alongside her!  To understand from her perspective why she has decided to join us at this stage of her career and at this stage of Agent3’s development, Alisa is typically eloquent in explaining her rationale here. 

Meanwhile, if you’d like to find out more about how Alisa’s – and other specialists at Agent3 – expertise could help augment your ABM campaigns, we’d love to hear from you!

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