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Demand generation programs: you say persona, we say personality

June 16, 2023

Every day, in our professional, as well as personal, lives, we all receive 10s - if not 100s - of messages via social platforms, digital advertising and email. Someone, somewhere, always seems to be selling to us.

But at the end of the day, how many of those messages can you actually recall? And how many triggered a response from you, let alone a transaction?

If the answer to that question is none, could it be that demand generation programs are, in fact, a bit like the literary Emperor’s new clothes: a total waste of time and money?

Or are we missing something?

This was the question asked at the ‘Persuasion by Personality’ webinar hosted by oneninefive, Persuasion XP, and consumer psychologist, Dr Paul Marsden and the answer, quite simply, was yes!

Being obsessive about delivering better engagement and better results for demand generation programs, and living in today’s relevance economy, we, at oneninefive, need to understand how we are enabling our clients to stand out and gain more relevance without spending - and wasting - more money.

Personas - fictional profiles that represent groups of similar people in a target audience and the bedrock of marketing campaigns for decades - are no longer relevant and the marketing world is waking up to the fact that persona-based marketing simply isn’t effective.

What IS important, however, is your customers' or prospects' personality traits and mindsets. To be relevant, you need to be using language that speaks to the personality and motivation of your customer, rather than grouping them into irrelevant groups of personas based on job titles or age, for example.

Certainly the results of the programs we have run in conjunction with Persuasion XP would support this approach, with campaigns that used tailored content for each and every one of our clients’ target customers doubling, or even trebling, conversions with no extra effort. And independent research from leading business schools, Cambridge, Stanford and Columbia shows unequivocally that when you tailor content to a customer's personality, you dramatically increase engagement and conversion rates.

In the webinar, Jonathan Bates, co-founder of Persuasion XP, and Dr Paul Marsden described the five personality types that everyone in the world falls into and how tailoring the language you use in your marketing and demand programs to appeal to each of these mindsets and motivations - with no extra effort thanks to Persuasion XP’s augmented intelligence tool - creates significant uplift in program engagement, even at scale.

Watch now to learn about the different personality types of your target audience and how to revolutionize the relevance of your campaigns by speaking directly to those individual traits!

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