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CEO: The case for the Compassionate Executive Officer

Clive Armitage

March 29, 2022

As we interview business leaders in the B2B space to discuss sustainable success in a changing world, Agent3 CEO, Clive Armitage, sat down with powerhouse exec in the tech industry and Chairperson of Tech Nation, Stephen Kelly, to explore how the pandemic has transformed the CEO agenda. 

With over 20 years’ experience sitting in the CEO hot seat scaling a wealth of different NASDAQ, FTSE100 and FTSE250 technology companies, such as Sage and Micro Focus, for Stephen, 2022 stands as the year of immense potential for CEOs. 

As more people look to corporations over governments to enact meaningful change in the wake of the pandemic – a view accelerated by the ambitions and appetites of Gen Z – there lies a terrific opportunity for chief executives to create a better world throughout their companies and communities.

An opportunity that Stephen Kelly thinks CEOs are more than ready for.

In this Agents of Change episode, Stephen outlines three crucial strategies that CEOs should employ to ensure they rise to the occasion: instilling trust in the company, championing inclusivity, and planting a flag in global crises that matter. 

But if CEOs are to be the architects of such colossal change, they need to look at their foundations too – i.e. their own leadership qualities and their board. Here, Stephen goes on to share some personal anecdotes in his role as Chairperson at Tech Nation, and how he sought to create a more inclusive, compassionate environment that would better engage employees, stakeholders, and customers. 

Stephen’s infectious optimism for what this change could mean for CEOs, and the organizations they lead, should rightly inspire and set an example for other chief executives who now look to tread this path of compassionate and inclusive leadership.

To hear Stephen’s conversation in detail – about what CEOs can do to rise and meet the challenge of their changing role, and what this might mean for the future of B2B organizations – listen in here

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