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Celebrating two years of Agent3 APAC at ABM: Adapt 2 Accelerate

Roger Marshall

September 21, 2021

Despite the current lockdown situation in Australia, we, at Agent3 APAC, were delighted that so many clients were able to join us recently for a virtual discussion about ABM in the region.

Covering ABM in a hybrid and Covid world, and how ABM can help organisations ride the wave of growth that awaits on the post-Covid path to recovery, the event was entitled ‘ABM: Adapt 2 Accelerate.’  The ‘2’ in the title held an additional, special meaning for Agent3 as the event coincided with the second anniversary of the opening of our Sydney office, so it felt fitting, and meant a lot, to celebrate this milestone with our clients, some of whom have been with us since the very beginning.

From a team of three, London-based partners in 2013, to a global agency boasting 150+ employees, Agent3 owes much of its success to the proven power of data, creativity and technology and what these three agents of change can achieve when combined.  Indeed, knowing that we are producing genuinely needle-shifting results for a roster of clients that reads like the Silicon Valley equivalent of the Hollywood ‘A’ list is what makes us come to the office with a spring in our step day to day.  ABM is truly having a moment!

Reaching a company milestone like this seems like an opportune moment to pause for reflection and look back on achievements to date.  It was with a sense of pride, then, that we were able to present the following slide that outlined Agent3’s ‘Moments that Matter:


Fig 1: Agent3 global and APAC moments that matter.

If you want to find out more about the origins of Agent3’s APAC office, Cassandra Hargreaves, Group Client Director at Agent3,  recently sat down with Clive Armitage, CEO, and Roger Marshall, Partner APAC, to understand: 

  • What triggered the opening of the APAC office?
  • The key learnings from the past 2 years
  • How ABM will change in the next 2 years
  • What are the key things you want our customers to know?

You can see that interview here.

Following some inspirational, and thought provoking presentations on ABM in the post-Covid world, ‘the Great Acceleration’ and ‘K-shaped business recovery’ from Mark Wiseman-Smith and Greg Salmon of Agent3, as well as some insightful commentary from Stephanie McCredie, senior marketing director at Salesforce, and Fabian Sossa, director, Executive & Enterprise Marketing at VMware, the session with a celebratory wine tasting session during which we discovered some surprising, yet neat, links to ABM, including:

  • Wine is hyper personalised to an individual’s palette – just like ABM!
  • It’s all about what makes you happy no matter what the rules are!

If you weren’t able to make the session but would like to catch up on some of the learnings and insight shared, then please make yourself comfortable and watch some of the informative sessions, briefings and conversations here.

And if you were able to join us, thank you; we look forward to the next session.


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