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Building a compelling proposition around digital transformation.

March 25, 2020

We’ve recently considered the following questions in relation to Digital Transformation. Click on the link the review our previous posts.

By thinking about these three questions as a collective, we’ve developed some acid test points we apply when working with our clients:

  • Have we made the context and definition of digital transformation relevant to the market or account our client wants to engage with?
  • Have we been able to do this in a way that it is relevant to both the business and technology audiences?
  • Have we enabled a consultative-level conversation that can focus on specific areas of innovation but equally scale to show how it could impact the entire organization?
  • Have we made the compelling argument strong enough to make organizations feel it’s relevant to their strategy and their state of transformation?

If we can answer these questions effectively, then we have built a robust and compelling story for our clients to use. And that’s our craft.

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