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Bringing clarity to our brand and the value we deliver to our clients.

Paul Mackender

September 10, 2020

It’s not in our nature to talk about ourselves, but today is an exception as we’ve launched a new website as part of our new brand roll-out. A huge thank you to all involved.

Like the proverbial builder who never finishes developing his own home, getting our house – or in our case brand –  in order has been a long time coming. We do have a good excuse as we’ve continued on the growth trajectory, bringing The Craft into the Agent3 Group, seeing solutions like SoSell thrive, introducing new solutions to market, expanding all our offices and continuing to invest in our global partnership with ITSMA.

Today, we’re over 100 strategists, creators, analysts, inventors, data scientists and developers who thrive on our clients’ success. We continue to help some of the world’s largest brands meet some aggressive goals through our strong reputation of exceeding expectations within …  innovation, creativity, technology, leadership and of course, results. 

We needed a refreshed brand that reflected Agent3 today, the work we deliver, the environment our clients operate within and the challenges we help them meet. But we’ve also wanted to ground the brand in our original story – how we bring the power of data, creativity and technology together (we call these the three agents of change in marketing, hence the name, in case you were wondering).

Finally, along with a new logo, visual language, imagery and iconography we’ve introduced a new brand narrative. Within this we’ve articulated the value we bring to our clients and how we help them navigate an increasingly complex and chaotic world. We believe that this neatly articulates the world we operate within while highlighting the value we deliver:

  • The chaos of modern marketing is both terrifying and a tonic to the people who choose this profession. 
  • CMOs need big wins; sales teams demand better leads; customers expect specialized treatment. All while organizational structures shift, and budgets get stretched.
  • There are marketers who survive this chaos, by knowing the right buzzwords and showing just enough results. 
  • Then there are marketers who thrive in this chaos, with clear plans of attack and the right partners for support.
  • Agent3 has the innovation and proven ABM solutions that turn the chaos into clarity with clear actions to fuel success. 
  • That’s the power of datacreativity and technologytogether
  • That’s the power of Agent3

We’re excited about this next chapter for the Agent3 story and thank all our current clients and partners for their ongoing support.

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