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Attaining a game-changing advantage in sales & marketing

Mark Wiseman-Smith

March 16, 2020

The average marketer is faced with an impossible challenge. How do they do more with less.  But vitally – how do they do it with:

  • the same or less resources than their competitors
  • often using the similar marketing content, channels and tools as everyone else
  • an objective to engage with a widening set of audience functions

What most will do in reality, is focus on content production and tactical delivery that they can control – joining the “me-to” category of marketing.

What winners do is something different.  Something genius. Something that since history began delivers monumental incremental advantage for them.  They discover what their “differentiated approach” is.  They find it even in the toughest and flattest playing field and they simply change the game around them.

A “differentiated approach”– is a way of achieving the objective when your competitors have the same capabilities and the environment you are in provides no clear point of advantage to you.

Can’t be done – rubbish!  From the worlds greatest battles, through to sport and businesses, the high-achievers have done just this – deliberately and repeatedly.

“On 21st October 1805, Lord Nelson faced a combined fleet of the French and Spanish navies.  The enemy out-numbered the English.  The battle was the most decisive naval victory of the Napoleonic wars.

Naval tactics dictated that the best way to engage an enemy fleet was to adopt a single line of battle parallel to the enemy to facilitate signaling in battle and to maximize fields of fire and target areas.  Nelson instead divided his smaller force into two columns directed perpendicularly against the enemy fleet, with decisive results.”

The result of finding your “differentiated approach” is not simply winning but winning significantly and long-term.  High-achievers and businesses do it today in consumer & B2B sectors:

  • Honda
  • Hitachi
  • Accenture
  • Intel

You won’t know what your differentiated approach is.  You’ll think there isn’t one.  But it can be found.  It will be the definitive factor that will help you to win by a bigger margin for longer when it matters most.

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