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Agents of Change: Announcing the Agent3 Group

Clive Armitage

September 29, 2023

The need for growth is an incessant one for any organisation, and the challenge of driving growth has become ever harder in the difficult market conditions we all currently face. But while the economic outlook may be murky, the prospects for marketing to grow its strategic influence have never been greater. Indeed, in my view we are entering a Golden Age for marketing where our vision of marketing becoming the most significant growth driver for any organisation can become a reality.

Since we started Agent3 10 years ago, we’ve passionately believed that marketing can drive ever greater impact, fuelled by an explosion in available data, innovations in technology to drive engagement, and creative smarts to illicit customer reactions. We’ve seen ourselves as Agents of Change since we started the business in helping our customers maximise the potential value of data, technology and creativity. This approach has seen us build a global, award winning business with a portfolio of amazing customers that we love to partner with.

Our mentality about being Agents of Change does not just relate to our customers though. 

We also are constantly thinking about ways to evolve our business to better harness our potential for innovation, and our capability to offer ever broader marketing services to customers to help them achieve their growth ambitions. 

Consequently, as we celebrate our ten year anniversary we are embarking on a radical restructuring of our business to prepare ourselves for the next stage of our growth. By creating the Agent3 Group, and establishing three distinct offers; Agent3 (customer marketing specialists), This Machine (customer journey creative experts) and oneninefive (delivering measurable audience centric demand generation), we believe we can support customers across the entire buying funnel, rapidly accelerating their time to value in the process, and by doing so, we ensure we remain one of the most innovative B2B marketing consultancies in the world. 
To hear more about the formation of the Agent3 Group, watch the video below as Chief Revenue Officer, Paul Mackender, and Chief Commercial Officer, Greg Salmon, discuss the industry changes that have led to this decision.

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