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Announcing our strategic partnership with Terminus

Dan Sands

June 21, 2021

Agent3 was built on the premise that modern marketing had to be based on the combination of data, technology and content, to deliver true commercial value.  Putting data at the heart of our campaigns, attached to world-class creative, enabled by cutting edge, innovative technology solutions simply means our Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach helps our clients sell more to their key accounts. 

For this to work, though, and to help our clients be successful, we need to ensure we continue to keep a keen eye on the market to ensure we are indeed offering our clients the very best, and most innovative thinking and solutions. 

It’s why we acquired The Craft in January 2020 for its positioning expertise and it’s why we brought one of San Francisco’s finest creative teams on board to create specialist content marketing subsidiary, This Machine.

Delivering high relevance is a key component of any ABM program and technology is clearly a key enabler of that.  That being the case, we have established capabilities with best-of-breed platforms like Marketo, Pardot, Folloze and Domo, as well as data partnerships with major intent and firmographic providers.  We take a strategic approach to our technology partnerships and look for the most innovative and robust solutions that can bring tangible benefits to our customers. We invest in both technical training, in our dedicated ops team, and usage and application training for our Account Teams, ensuring we have the appropriate knowledge to support Agent3 and partners customers. 

To that end, I’m delighted to announce today a strategic partnership with Terminus – a full-funnel account-based marketing platform for targeting the right accounts and reporting on the revenue outcomes that matter – that will see Agent3 offer enablement solutions to help customers maximise the benefits of Terminus and to ensure its capabilities are considered and embedded at all the appropriate points in the ABM journey.  This will become of increasing importance as the ABM market matures and many customers are looking to scale their programmes.  Underpinning this with technology is an obvious next step and something we’re positioned well to support with.

We’re excited to partner with Terminus because both our organizations see huge further potential for growth in demand of ABM solutions; it’s why Terminus is expanding into EMEA and why it received $90m of Series C funding in February of this year.  In short, the demand for ABM is only just really starting and we expect that our partnership with Terminus will drive significant commercial opportunities for both parties.  But that’s to come.  Today, we’re just delighted to add further innovation capabilities, by partnering with Terminus, into our overall offer so that we can continue to deliver best of breed ABM solutions, combining technology and services, to our client base.

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