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And the good news keeps on coming…

Paul Mackender

October 14, 2021

When Agent3 was founded, our belief was, if we could hire people who have a restless energy to constantly seek to innovate, then keep them motivated by ensuring Agent3 becomes the most rewarding (and by this we mean inclusive, fair, enjoyable and challenging) place they would ever work during their career, then company growth would naturally follow.    

In short, innovation + smart, motivated people = satisfied clients + growth.

We must have done something right because today we’re delighted to share the news that three of our clients have been recognized as top winners in the ITSMA Marketing Excellence Awards (MEA) which recognize marketing innovation, excellence and impact with B2B services and solutions. 

Honouring standout performances in B2B marketing across the globe, and consequently attracting the biggest names in technology, telecoms and professional services, we knew the entry bar would be high, so we’re delighted to have had our work recognized by such a prestigious industry event.

First up was the Splunk team which was awarded the top Diamond award for Marketing Excellence in the ‘Optimizing ABM Campaigns’ category with its submission ‘How do you pinpoint and persuade your key on-premise accounts that you can also beat out the competition in the cloud?’ 

Next, Citrix was awarded Gold in the ‘Embedding ABM Programs’ category for its ‘Freedom of Work’ campaign in the ‘Strengthening the Citrix brand to build the EMEA Strategic Accounts Program.’

Finally, Salesforce was our second Gold award winner of the evening in the ‘Orchestrating Executive Engagement’ category for its ‘Dreamforce to bp’ virtual event held earlier in the year.  

Each of these category award wins involved the use of data, technology and content combined – the three agents of change in modern B2B marketing – to execute campaigns that achieved results that blew all targets out of the park and delivered  true commercial value for our clients. 

None of this work would have been possible, however,  without having such great clients who allow us to dare to go further and, equally, the great clients wouldn’t have joined us in the first place without our fantastic people, who work tirelessly to seek out ways in which to go that extra distance.

It was a night for celebration for all finalists and we congratulate all Agent3 friends – O2SAPCiscoHPETataFujitsu and PWC – who shared in its success.

Thank you, ITSMA, for putting on a great ceremony this year, despite the pandemic-induced physical limitations still upon us.  Today was a good day in the office. The awards have been won, but the work continues!

If you want to find out more about Agent3’s award-winning work, visit: 

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